:The Sceptre Of Shallaha: 


The ultimate magickal tool for those desiring enhancing to occult practices. If you want to add the  realms of the Old Worlds to your esoteric work, the Sceptre Of Shallaha will take you there.


Highly charged and Ancient, May I present to you, The Sceptre Of Shallaha. An extension of yourself, this is your loyal companion throughout the trials & tribulations of Earth. Your best friend, your lover and your life long companion.


Shallaha, is a High Priestess of the Kakumi Temple of Ancient Babylon.


"...There were many impressive feats of architecture throughout Babylon; the terraces and their towering columns, official buildings including the Royal Palace and the Counsel Chambers, but the golden glint of the enormous Kakumi Temple was the absolute trophy of Babylon. It soared through the dark skies like a spiral stairway to the Cosmos, gleaming with gold hues at its peak, and it very much intrigued Basil.


“That temple…Uncle Sargon, it catches me.”


Sargon glanced his darkened face up into the glow of the illumined radiance. “It catches everyone, son. It is protected by only one female High Priestess, who was chosen by Inanna herself. They call her Shallaha. Before my reign, the dirty secrets of the Anu Priests were found out by King UrZababa, and they were ordered to leave the city. Inanna, on her many visits stirring me within my sleep, advised me that Shallaha had been appointed. Actually, if you remember me so telling you, back at Alioth, it is the very same temple, wherein I was conceived..."


(Excerpt from the Novel "The Erunasis Medallion")


The Sceptre, in all its glory, is made with natural clay and is adorned with a double terminated wand of Flourite, decorated in gold lead and is made to order. There is a wait of 2 weeks for this Sceptre to be made upon your request. 


The Sceptre has been purposely made to have 'cracked' appearance, to enhance fragility, age, wear and tear over thousands of years-  as is shown in pictures, but for your desire, it can be made 'uncracked'.


The ancient energies infused within this sceptre will never have your life the same as it were once before. 


From my hand to yours,


A song dedicated to High Priestess Shallaha:


Ancient Sceptre Of Shallaha


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